Vintage Photos Of The Victorian Era

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our channel. And for today we are gonna show you Amazing Vintage Photos Of  Victorian Era

But before we start. I want you to take a look at this picture carefully.

Do you know  who this man is? Well, find out at the end of this video. Now, let’s dive in. ( 10 secs)

– Happy Victorians- I’m not sure if they’re trying to look funny or trying to do a formal pose in this picture. But, it doesn’t matter .They look so happy.

-Hidden Mothers- It’s very difficult to make a baby sit still, so photographers  used a simple trick. They would let Mothers sit on a chair draped with a cloth, as if they were a piece of furniture.

-Victorian Fashion – Clothes were seen as an expression of women’s place in society. Therefore they were differentiated in terms of social class.

-Special stands and chairs for the deceased -Photographers try their best to make dead people look like they were full of life and energy using stands and chairs

– Cakewalk Dance- The cakewalk was a dance developed from dance contests with cake awarded as the prize. It was held generally at get-togethers on black slave plantations.

-Tennis outfit -Victorian Dress Reform consisted of movements advocating lightweight underwear and rejecting tightlacing. However it did not gain much support.

-Queen Victoria

-Parents with their deceased children.- The lack of immunisations of kids 3 and below in Victorian Era resulted to high rate of mortality in childhood.

-Victorian Making Face – Some Victorians still managed to get their photo taken regardless of their reluctance to smile due to poor dental hygiene

-Romantic Victorian Picture -In Victorian Era A ball or dance was an indication that a young woman was interested in finding potential suitors.

-Men dressed in drag

-Photo Manipulation – the man behind this is Samuel Balbirni. His albums appeared in newspapers which later became famous and gave it a whole new genre

– Tsar Nicolas II – I’m guessing this is just an ordinary day w/ his friends goofing around

-Courting in Victorian Era- courtship was considered to be a tradition and was very popular But there was no physical contact allowed between the woman and the gentleman until marriage.

-Family Picture-  For a victorian, getting a photo taken was a once-in-a-lifetime event. It was a luxury not everyone could afford.

And now as I mentioned earlier I’m gonna answer the question

Do you know who this man is? Well,He is Prince Albert. Queen Victoria’s spouse and First Cousin. Yes, you heard me right. It may sound weird but it’s perfectly legal in the UK. And the British Royal Family has been doing it for hundreds of years.

So we learned that Queen Victoria’s ruling and influence promoted the expansions and reforms and prevented a war.  With that being said, overpopulation was noticed not until 19th century. Do you think she could have solved or prevented this issue if she lived longer?

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