Vintage Photos and Videos Of The Edwardian Era

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our channel. And for today we are gonna show you Amazing Vintage Photos and Videos Of The Edwardian Era

But before we start. I want you to take a look at this picture carefully. The woman on the right is Vita Sackville-West. Can you guess what she is known for?

Well, find out at the end of this video. Now, let’s dive in.

-King Edward VII – Edwardian Era was ruled by king edward. This is a picture of him in his coronation robe

-Alfred Langevin- Aka the “Eye Smoker” He could smoke a pipe and a cigarette. and even blow a balloon through his eye.

-Working Class Wedding- In Edwardian Era it was also a trend to hold the wedding ceremony at 2:30 in the afternoon, if not it’s only recognized as a typical wedding

-Garden Party

-Man and Knives – In this picture, the performer balances five sharp knives on his face

.-The Dancing Pig-. This is a brief vaudevillian performance.  Vaudeville is a theatrical genre  born in France at the end of the 19th century. In this burlesque film, a giant and obese anthropomorphic pig is featured dressed liked a gentleman in a fancy dinner expressing his affection for the woman.

-Elegant Edwardian Wedding – Though you may see the difference of the extravagance between the working class and upper class weddings, tWorking class were still very well dressed

-Edwardian Home Fashion – Because of the extravagance and fashion styles that were designed, this Era was also called “The Beautiful Era” This dress has a square neckline with a few soft pleats

-Cristian Ramos- A Circus performer from Barnum and Bailey Circus. His mother thought he was an abomination giving him up at 4 years old

-Middle-class wedding-

– Yellow Gown-This gown has a deep v neck over a pink under-layer and very high lace collar.

-Dignitaries arriving at a party, their mode of transportation is still a carriage. In the beginning of this Era cars were only a symbol of status and it demanded so much time and money for the maintenance.  It was only in 1910 that most horses were displaced.

-Man and case- This is a performer who hangs a heavy case from his eyelids

-Upper-class wedding –  Weddings were luxurious affairs. So high profile weddings were published as newspaper articles.

-Hats – And of course it’s not an Edwardian Era without the hats. These are different styles and designs of hats women used to wear.

-Overweight woman- Overweight women were one of the attractions for British circus-goers in the early 20th century

So as I mentioned earlier i’m gonna the answer the question”Can you guess what she is know for?” Well she was a successful novelist, poet, and journalist, as well as a prolific letter writer and diarist. She published more than a dozen collections of poetry and novels during her lifetime.

If you watched my previous videos, European countries are mostly governed by a monarch,  But how about you guys? Do you prefer a state governed by monarchs? or republicans? Just leave your answers in the comment section below


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