Russian Empire Vintage Photos (pre Soviet Union)

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our channel. And for today we are gonna show you some PHOTOS FROM THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE.

But before we start. I want you to take a look at this picture carefully.


Well, find out at the end of this post. Now, let’s dive in.

-Tsar Bell-  Also known as the royal bell and it is the largest bell in the world but it has never been rung

-Opening of the State Duma/The Duma of the first convocation held one session and lasted 72 days

-Admiral Nakhimov- The third battlecruiser of the Russian Navy’s Kirov class

-Great Imperial crown-This was used by the monarchs of russia and first used by Catherine the great

-Old Believer Woman- Old Believers groups emerged as a result of opposition to the Nikonian reform,

-Railway Bridge Builders – This is across the Oka River dated in 1910

-Colombian Naval Parade, in this picture Russian boat crews are being towed to races,

-Railway Bridge Over Oka River – since the 17th century, Murom has become an important handicraft center and th architectural appearance of the historical part of Murom was formed in 19th century

– Peasants on a sleigh-Peasants typically made up the majority of the agricultural labour force in the pre-industrial society

-Jewels of the House of the Romanovs/The “executioner” of the Romanovs actually attempted  to sell these jewelries to the West

-Russian Cruiser Rynda- it is an armored corvette built for the Russian Emperor’s Fleet. It is one of the first ships in Russia with a steel body

-Diamond Bouquet- This also contains emeralds, gold, and silver

-Milkmaid- Many large houses employed milkmaids instead of having other staff do the work.

-Empress Alexandra – Aclose up picture in her Dress and diamond tiara

-Sailors of the Russian cruiser Dimitri Donskoy – there were more than 10,000 officers, seamen, and marine on board of the 35 vessels of the colombian fleet

-Russian Beauty/In the diamond – 25 pearls are attached. This diadem is now ownde by the government of the Philippines.

-Fragments of the Order of St. Andrew- This is used to award  statesmen,public figures, representatives of various industries for exceptional services and promoting the prosperity of Russia.

So as I mentioned earlier I’m gonna answer the question

DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS MAN IS?? Well,He is TSAR NICOLAS II,the last Emperor of All Russia, ruling from  November 1st 1894 until his abdication on March 15 1917

So what do you think? Did communism benefited the progress of Russia?

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