Rare and Mind Blowing Vintage Photos

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our channel. And for today we are gonna show you some Rare and Historical Photos.

But before we start. I want you to take a look at this picture carefully.  These are ladies in chaps and wearing bandanas. But why do you think cowgirls and cowboys wear chaps and bandanas? Well, find out at the end of this post. Now, let’s dive in.

-Red Cross Motor Corps, this happened in 1918 during influenza epidemic

-British Army

-A view from the top of the pyramid. A shot taken back in 1900

-Red Cross Home Service. So they actually arrived on time to rescue this woman from the clutches of influenza

-Cowgirl Kathleen Hudson, In this picture, she’s rounding up herefords on the oklahoma range

-A beggar and a baby. This beggar was actually only paid to look after this baby.

– Egyptians and tourists clambering one of the pyramids

-A ward for medical cases, this was from one of the hospitals in Dijon,France.

-UFO, one of the most famous photos within the UFO community

-Mildred Douglas riding wild steer

-A shoeshine boy at work. This dated in 1877

-Tourists having tea at the top the Pyramid

-American Red Cross nurses

– Skeleton guest at dinner. well, this is very unhygienic to me.

-Watching sunset from the top of the pyramid. Honestly, this is such a lovely photo.

And that’s the end of our post. So as I mentioned earlier I’m gonna answer the question why do cowgirls and cowboys wear them? Well, chaps are actually designed to protect the legs, while bandanas protect their necks from the sun and keep dust out of their faces.

How about you guys?  Would you want to dress like the cowgirls and cowboys?

Leave your answers in the comment section below.


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