American Civil War Photos

I want you to take a look at this picture carefully. Do you know who’s the man sitting in the middle?

Well, find out at the end of this post.

-Inflation of the intrepid -Used for aerial reconnaissance, Thaddeus wanted to sell the idea and planned to fly to Washington DC but caught a rebel wind and ended up landing in enemy territory

-Teenage Soldiers of The Union Army

-Refugee Family-  loaded on the cart are the family’s belongings leaving in a war area

-Fort Sumter, South Carolina- under the confederate flag is where the first shots of civil war took place. bombarding it for 34 hours straight

-Little Round Top – The site of the Unsuccessful assault by the Confederate troops against Union Army who almost got rolled up into a carpet and thrown into a river

-Alfred Stratton – He was only 19 yrs old when he was shot by a cannon. One in 13 Civil War Soldiers became amputees

-Civil War Embalming Surgeons

– A thousand ton ironclad river gunboat – this gunboat participated in several operations on the Mississippi River

-Dictator- A 17,000 pound gun, that can fire a 13inch shell that weighed 218 pounds at  distances up to and including 2.5 miles.

-McLean House- On the porch is where General Robert Lee signed the terms to surrender the confederate army

-Confederate “Quaker” Guns (aka Logs) These are used to Deceive the Union Military

-Stacked cannon balls

-Artillery – This dated in 1862 located at Yorktown, Virginia, circa dated in 1862.

– Before the battle – Union Soldiers prepare and pose for this photograph before the battle happened

-Bones- African-Americans collect the bones of soldiers killed in battle at Cold Harbor, Virginia,

–  Baseball game- these are union prisoners playing at salisbury

-Anaconda Plan- Objectives were toset up a naval blockade of Atlantic and Gulf Mexico and transport roghly 60,000 union troops

-Rebel prisoners in Belle, PLain Virginia waiting for transportation

-Funeral Procession / This is for President Abraham Lincoln after he was shot by Confederate John Wilkes Booth

-Native Americans in the American Civil War served in both the Union and Confederate military , they participated as individuals, bands, tribes, and nations in numerous skirmishes and battles.  and fought knowing they might jeopardize their sovereignty, unique cultures, and ancestral lands if they ended up on the losing side. They were found in the Eastern, Western, and Trans-Mississippi Theaters.

So before I end this video as I mentioned earlier I’m gonna answer the question Who is the man sitting in the Middle? Everyone, meet Matt Harrison Brady, considered to be the inventor of photojournalism and the reason why we have such a vast collection of civil war photographs.


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